Monday 12 August 2019

Mundane Monster Generator

Every judge needs creatures for their players to face. Julio's RPG Cove presents to you the Mundane Monster Generator for that very reason. According to the site:

The purpose of this page is to quickly generate general purpose wandering encounters. You won't find any epic dragons here or an Ogre King for the grand finale. For unique, special monsters, refer to the core books on how to build them as it is always more fun and personal to roll your own.

Feel free to print a few of these and keep them in your Judge's Bag of Death Stuff for when your players go off-script and you need to kill them.

Judges can select Type of Encounter, number of Hit Dice, number of creatures, and details. When selecting the number of creatures, you are selecting standard troublemakers, leaders, defenders, skirmishers, and snipers. When selecting details, you can select Hit Die type, damage bonus, Armor Class bonus, and to hit (attack roll) bonus.

For instance, here is a 5 HD Golem, with d12 Hit Dice, designed as a sniper with a +4 bonus to hit:

Two feet tall humanoid creatures made out of pebble. Made of a variety of pebbles cobbled together. Their eyes are an empty void and sparks come out of their joints. They have swords made out of stone.
They move fast and with deadly precision.
+1 AC for material. Smaller Hit Die due to size. Agile: +2AC.
Immune to Charm & Mind Control spells. Immune to Color Spray, Blind, and other visual effects.
Weapon has normal stats on players.
Quick Reflexes: When golem is hit, PC must do a DC 15 Reflex Save or weapon is grabbed
CRIT TABLE: M / d10 | INIT: +0
HD: 5d3
AC: 14 (18) | HP: 9
ATK: Sword +7(1d10+1) | Projectile Fist (ranged) +11(1d10)
ACT: 1d20, 1d14
SV F:4, R:-1, W:6 | AL N
SP Extra AC if defended.
Attack Priority:
(1) Non-Humans
(2) Closest
It should go without saying (but does not) that, if you create a more complex group of troublemakers, you will get more complex results.

Yes, the site will generate PDFs of your creatures on demand.

Access it here.

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