Sunday 29 August 2021

The Trolls of Mistwood

The Trolls of Mistwood is a level 4 to 6 adventure written by David W. Fisher. Illustration is by David W. Fisher (including cover) and Brian Van Hunsel (including cartography). The publisher is Shinobi27 Games.

Disclosure: I have an editorial credit on this product, and a writing credit on the sequel, Curse of Mistwood. Two patrons I wrote, Hecate, Goddess of Witches, and Hhaaashh-Lusss, Lord Duke of Reptiles, are used in the adventure.

I have written about this product previously, and the comments in that post are probably also worth reading. My opinion hasn't changed much since my original post in 2014. 

It should be noted that DCC trolls are no joke. I think that this is the first published DCC adventure to use a Prime version of a monster, and the PCs will find a prime troll even less of a joke than a "normal" one.

This adventure pairs well not only with its sequel(s), but also Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman. As mentioned in the "Everyone Else" blog post (linked above), the inclusion of a developed DCC settlement is a definite plus for judges intent on creating a persistent world. 

The Trolls of Mistwood is discussed in Episode 35 of the Sanctum Secorum podcast. It is also touched upon in Episode 5.

The Trolls of Mistwood is the first adventure in the Mistwood Series. Adventurers must investigate the return of marauding trolls to the isolated fishing village of Mistwood. Will they be able to stop a terrifying curse, or will they fall victim to it?

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