Sunday 27 February 2022

The Tome of Debasement

The Tome of Debasement is a DCC supplement by Nick Baran. Art is by Jamie Jordan (including cover) and Mike Tommyrot. The publisher is Beaker Press Games.

Disclaimer: I was a backer for the successful Kickstarter for this product.

It is going a bit hard to look at the Beaker Press Games material individually, as the titles are inter-related. This link will take whatever entries I have completed for the publisher, so that you can decide what you might be interested in to support your campaigns.

In this case, we are looking at a full write-up for Herlezzect, the Debased God. When I say a full write-up, I mean that this thing is complete. There are rules for clerics, including unique disapproval, level titles, special traits, bloodletting, and canticles (as per the DCC Annual Volume I). In addition, there are eight unique spells for those who follow the Debased God, and a magic item with religious significance to the cult.

There are campaigns out there where a party are adherents of Herlezzect, but for most of us, this is an example of a cult which the PCs will vehemently oppose. In either case, I believe that this is the most completely detailed god designed for DCC to date.

Behold the Inglorious Bottom Feeder, the Lord of Twisted Faces, the Sovereign of the Forgotten, Herlezzect the Debased God!

This DCC RPG compatible zine details the followers of Herlezzect, the Debased God, in the same format as those in the DCC Annual Vol. 1 (from Goodman Games). The zine covers the unique traits, disapproval results, and canticles for evil cultists who pledge themselves to the debased one. The bulk of the zine is taken up by a collection of spells geared for use by the evil clerics in your games, with evocative titles like: Deceiving Visage, Putrescent Bog, Rotting Stench, Halo of Flies, Lash, Twisted Form, Radiant Corruption, and Uncontrollable Urge.  You're probably thinking those would make a great tracklisting for a metal album, and you'd probably be right.

This gaming zine is designed to make your evil priests on your tabletop more sinister and terrifying to face, channeling otherworldly horror and cinematic imagery.

Get It Here!

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