Saturday 13 August 2022

The Tower of Faces

DCC #96: The Tower of Faces is a 6th level adventure written by Nick Judson. Art is by Sanjulian (cover), Stefan Poag (including cartography), Tom Galambos, Doug Kovacs, Cliff Kurowski, and Peter Mullen.

This adventure won the 2017 Rodneys Award (OSR Track) for adventure design at Gamehole Con IV.

Most adventures have you exploring a location where you are basically the invader. There are at least two other DCC adventures where you are trying to protect an area from outside forces, but this is the first. You know all those lengthy rituals that wizards become involved in? 

Well, in this adventure just such a wizard would like you to protect his home while he is sequestered!

This is a cool adventure, where role-playing is balanced well with combat and puzzle-solving. I haven't often heard this adventure discussed, and that is a pity, because it is a good one, with both whimsy and deadly seriousness. If Lord Dunsany was not an influence, I would be surprised. The city of Naos, the Necropolis of the Chaos Kings, is also worthy of revisiting!

I can easily see a party going through Enter the Dagon, which attracts the attention of the wizard, Yonaxis, who pulls them into this adventure. Their actions here, for good or ill, draw the attention of the 998th Conclave of Wizards

While we are here, we might also wish to examine the Vizier's Views

The Rodney Award-winning adventure from Gamehole Con IV, now an adventure for DCC RPG!

The adventurers have been summoned to a mysterious black tower made of glass. They are given a simple mission: protect the mage’s estate while he is distracted weaving a mighty spell. Surviving the five days of his spellcasting requires quick wits and sharp blades, for the estate has mischievous guests and strange visitors. In the end, the mage demands one final task: stand by his side as he binds a great horror from beyond!

This really is a great, and under-appreciated adventure.

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