Sunday 3 June 2018

Reliquary of the Ancient Ones

MCC #7: Reliquary of the Ancient Ones is a 0-level Mutant Crawl Classics tournament funnel written by Marc Bruner and Jim Wampler. Art is by Stefan Poag (including cover and cartography), Friedrich Haas, Cliff Kurowski, Jesse Mohn, and Chad Sergeketter. The publisher is Goodman Games.

This tournament was originally run at Gen Con in 2016. The winners were Connor Skach (1st place), Jesse Pittman (2nd place), and Haley Skach (3rd place). More information on tournament funnels can be found here and here.

Because this is recent (at the time of this writing, available only to backers of the highly successful Mutant Crawl Classics kickstarter), further information will have to await a wider release.

When a terraquake reveals that your jungle village has existed for centuries atop an installation of the Ancient Ones, your good fortune seems to good to be true. Surely enough artifacts and ancient lore exist to satisfy desires for power both subtle and gross.

But your tribe’s Seeker teams are all out on missions, so it falls to you and your youngling friends to volunteer for an exploration of the hidden treasures and knowledge that lie in the reliquary beneath your feet.

Some of you will even make it back. Probably.

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