Monday 28 December 2020


Lichenthrope was written by Daniel J. Bishop with modified Creative Commons art by Björn S. The publisher is Crowking Press.

Disclaimer: I am the author and publisher.

This was a virtual swag item created for Gary Con XII. Like many others, I had been planning on going to a physical convention. My plans had included giving away several duplicated DCC products I had acquired as well some Appendix N fiction I had managed to buy additional copies of through the regressing memory of the aged.

As with so many others, the advent of Covid-19 forced me to alter my plans. Suddenly, the physical swag I thought I would be giving away would have to wait. So I quickly wrote this critter up, inspired by a pun my brother-in-law, James Ripley, had made. He really deserves the credit for the name, not I!

Another source of inspiration came from the many volumes of lumberjack tall tales and lore I had devoured as a child. The Lichenthrope could, therefore, fit easily into a Shudder Mountains campaign!

In any event, may this creature plague your players whenever their characters venture into the deep woods!

In deep forests, where moss and lichen lies thick upon trees and standing stones – there lurks the lichenthrope. This is a large creature, perhaps a denizen of Elfland, which takes the form of an ogre-sized flattened humanoid shape made entirely of moss and lichen, its eyes mere wells of darkness. Lichenthropes protect old growth forests and ancient menhirs. They are difficult to spot against moss or lichen, preferring to attack targets with surprise from behind. 

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