Thursday 31 December 2020

Shears of the Stitcher Queen

Shears of the Stitcher Queen
is an adventure by Terry Olson for use with the Age of Undying. Layout is by D. Jarrod Shaw. The publisher is Mythoard.

Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of this product by the author. The author also made a better image available at my request! (The original had been taken on my cell phone of the physical product.)
This is an extra bit related to Age of Undying, and created for Mythoard in 2016. It is just two pages long, does not have a PC level listed, and doesn't actually tell me who did the art and cartography. The basis of the adventure is that, due to a number of possible complications from Age of Undying, the PCs leap aboard a soulnado ("a spinning mass of phlogiston-bound corpses powered by soul plasma") to present their case to the Stitcher Queen.

Certainly a Quest For It moment, and an awesome play session or two in a campaign where the Age of Undying is occurring. No one who plays it will ever forget the experience of crawling though a whirling mass of corpses 40 feet deep or the dangerous center of this particular phenomenon.

"Shears of the Stitcher Queen,
Look for the sky that's green.
Home of the corpses that blow,
Wear all the blades and you'll know."

Sadly, there is nowhere to obtain this gem that I am aware of.

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