Saturday 16 July 2016

Black Powder, Black Magic Vol. 3

Disclaimer: I wrote a Varmints! entry for this volume.

Volume 3 of Black Powder, Black Magic is written by Carl Bussler and Eric Hoffman, with contributions by Daniel J. Bishop and Noah Stevens, and is published by Stormlord Publishing. This volume continues where the second one left off, providing the judge and players with useful stuff for a weird western setting.

First off, there is an article on Fumbles in Black Powder, Black Magic, which provides unique fumble tables for era-appropriate firearms.

The Kung Fu Monk allows players to run characters similar to David Carradine's character in 1972-75's Kung Fu. This is a pretty welcome addition, indeed!

Spellburning with Demon Ore is exactly what it sounds like, although a bit more complicated than the title implies.

Strange Loot is a list of 30 unusual items you might recover in the Weird West of the Dark Territories. It is followed by The Red Duke, a full patron write-up for the titular being first encountered in Volume 1.

It's Explosive: Black Powder is the first in a series of articles about explosives. In this case, black powder.

Next is Varmints! The Malcupine, which I wrote. This is sort of a malevolent cross between a large porcupine and a centaur, that can turn folks into their willing slaves. As with all Varmints! columns, there is both folklore and an adventure hook to help you use the critters. Noah Stevens' Black Tommy: A Really Hateful Engine, provides a second Varmint! which is nothing more or less than a demonic train engine that doesn't need to stay on the tracks. Folklore and an adventure hook make Black Tommy useful from the outset, though your players will hope to stick to the folklore until they get a bit stronger....

Finally, Noah Stevens supplies The Indigo Signalman's Lantern, one of the many strange items one might someday encounter in Brimstone or beyond.

If it seems to you that this is a full issue, that's because it is.


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