Friday 29 July 2016

Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises!

Cast Tower of the Blood Moon Rises!, written by Clint Bohaty and published by Order of the Quill, is an adventure designed for 2nd-3rd level Dungeon Crawl Classics characters. The art, by Jay Rasgorshek, is fantastic, and I would definitely be happy to see more of his work in future modules. The adventure is designed to play for two four-hour sessions, and so is not particularly useful as a convention module unless you can plan for two sessions with the same players.

Home play is, of course, another thing.

This adventure introduces Myassari, the patron stenographer of birth and decay, although no part of a patron write-up is included (Order of the Quill makes this available as a free pdf). The Dungeon Crawl Classics core rules talk about ritual magic, and this adventure gives us the example of the Foul Hand Ritual, which might be used to achieve immortality.

There is one element in the adventure, a personal relationship, which seems more fitting for a Pathfinder or 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure to me, where you might encounter a being with mixed ancestry. This seems stranger in a game where demi-humans are rarer, and more remarkable. Yet the Appendix N fiction that Dungeon Crawl Classics was based on contains the voices of some very different authors. Different takes on the same basic material should be celebrated, I think.

I haven’t had a chance to run this adventure yet, but I certainly enjoyed reading it. Expanding the Bloomingshroom Forest and its Mushroom Men could give the PCs a cool place to explore, and provide a backdrop to additional adventures of the Judge’s own devising.

Terror pillages the minds of those rooted within Hallowstone Valley; their Thane's daughter lost and their families tormented by the arrival of a murderous beast!  Before the villagers can be unbound from fear, adventurers brave enough to lend hand will find themselves plunging down a mysterious spiral of betrayal, half–truths, blood magic, and death — eventually gaining possession of an extraordinary artifact of an immortal but perilous nature.  What happened to Torene?  Who was Harfin Hazelnook?  And what has spawned the beast which now preys on the weak of Thanesmire?  The answers await only those courageous enough to seek them out!

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