Tuesday 3 January 2017

Dungeon Lord: The Wayne Con Issue

Dungeon Lord: The Wayne Con Issue was created by Taylor Frank, with additional writing by Julian Bernick, Matthew Bannock, Bob Brinkman, and Wayne Snyder. Artwork is by Doug Kovacs, Taylor Frank, Bradley K. McDevitt, Gary Dupuis, Wayne Snyder, Jeff Freels, and Phil Morissey. The D30 Dungeon Currency Table is by James Spahn, Dave Valderhaug, Dyson Logos, Matt Hildebrand, Damian Jankowski, Mark West, Ron Yonts, Dak Ultimak, Adams Tower, Tim Stephens, DJ Chadwick, Joel Bethell, Will Tijerina, Alexey Monk, Boris Worm, John Edwards, John McCollum, Andrew Byers, Bryan Steward, Matthew Lowes, Bill Shearer, Paul Wolfe, Chris Scott, Christopher Paul, and Ian Coakley. This issue is published by Death Machine Press.

This zine was produced for Wayne Con 2015 in Richmond Virginia.

It contains:

The Dungeon, Explained: a poem by Julian Bernick.

Ratfolk: An Alternate Class for DCC RPG: "Ratfolk are about as well known for their ability to navigate the darkness of the world's crypts, caves, and cities as they are for their miserable luck. Most other races approach them with distaste and distrust at best and downright disgust at worst. This causes many ratfolk to stick to their own kind, although it is not uncommon for one who has lost their pack to seek the company of any who will have them. Ratfolk are often hired as guides through places like sewers and cisterns, leading the way and using their low-light vision to commit complicated curves and corridors to memory." This class, by Taylor Frank, is completely usable in almost any Dungeon Crawl Classics milieu.

DeScriptors, Wayne Con Edition: A micrograme created by Matthew Bannock where players work together to create a quick narrative.

Interview with Noah Stevens: A three-page interview with a well-known and beloved member of the DCC RPG community. You can find his blog, The Hapless Henchman, here.

d30 Dungeon Currency Table: Things dungeon denizens might accept as payment.

Con-Troll: An Alternate Class for DCC RPG: This class, by Bob Brinkman, is one that you will probably not use in your actual games, but who you might run into when at a gaming convention. Despite being clearly intended as a humorous piece, the class is complete and balanced enough that it is probably usable.

Wayne Con 2015 Program Guide: All the stuff you missed at Wayne Con.

Wayne Con Campaign Setting: A brief history of the Ravaged Lands, followed by a Dramatis Personae of six characters you may be able to modify for use in your own milieu.

Blood Shed of the Necro Butcher: This is an encounter with a "nomadic meat smith" by Wayne Snyder based off concepts by Taylor Frank. Statistics are not provided, but after reading this you may wish to create them yourself.

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  1. I take pride in the fact that the Con Troll is fairly well balanced DCC-wise. :)

    1. And it really is. You did a lot of work on it, too!


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