Tuesday 3 January 2017

The Dungeon Alphabet

The Dungeon Alphabet: An A-to-Z Reference for Classic Dungeon Design was written by Michael Curtis, with a foreword by David "Zeb"Cook. Artwork is by Jeff Easley, Jim Holloway, Doug Kovacs, William McAusland, Brad McDevitt, Jesse Mohn, Peter Mullen, Russ Nicholson, Erol Otus, Stefan Poag, Jim Roslof, Chad Sergesketter, Chuck Whelon, and Mike Wilson. This product was published by Goodman Games.

Of course, The Dungeon Alphabet is not really a Dungeon Crawl Classics product, but I give it honorary status because (1) it is system-neutral, (2) it is published by Goodman Games, and (3) it appears to be the template for "lots of cool art around the writing" that infuses the core rulebook...and is obviously the template for The Monster Alphabet.

The Third Printing was expanded to include additional tables. If an entry contains the words "is also for" it is part of the expanded product.

Herein you get:

  • A is for Altars
  • A is also for Adventurers
  • B is for Books
  • B is also for Battles
  • C is for Caves
  • D is for Doors
  • D is also for Dragons
  • E is for Echoes
  • F is for Fungi
  • G is for Gold
  • H is for Hallways
  • I is for Inscriptions
  • J is for Jewels
  • K is for Kobolds (Kolbolds in the Table of Contents)
  • L is for Levers
  • M is for Magic
  • M is also for Maps
  • N is for No Stone Left Unturned
  • O is for Oozes
  • P is for Pools
  • P is also for Potions
  • Q is for Questions
  • R is for Room
  • R is also for Relics
  • S is for Statues
  • S is also for Stairs
  • T is for Traps
  • T is also for Treasure Chests
  • U is for Undead
  • V is for Vermin
  • W is for Wierd
  • X is for Xenophobia
  • Y is for Yellow
  • Z is for Zowie!

There is a lot of potential for kickstarting the imagination, both using the tables and by flipping through the illustrations. As a system-neutral product, it not only has value for DCC judges, but also for the GMs of any Old School Role-Playing Game.

Get It Here.

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