Friday 6 January 2017

Emirikol Was Framed!

DCC #73: Emirikol was Framed! is a level 4 adventure by Michael Curtis. It features art by Doug Kovacs, Jason Edwards, Jim Holloway, Peter Mullen, Russ Nicholson, and Stefan Poag. This adventure is published by Goodman Games.

This adventure is loosely based off the (in)famous Davd Trampier illustration of "Emirikol the Chaotic" in the 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide. It is the subject of a "Forgotten Treasure" entry on the Goodman Games website. The entry is worth reading; I had no idea that this was Michael Curtis' first professional adventure.

It is certainly interesting, especially in comparison to The Emerald Enchanter, how the basic concept of a wizard's fortress is framed...both for their similarities and differences. Obviously, both modules deal with the infiltration of a wizard's stronghold, and both include the guardians, traps, and puzzles that their respective wizards place in the path of that infiltration. Both are likely to have climaxes that may include spell duels.

Emirikol Was Framed! makes use of an idea that Michael Curtis will go on to use in several other adventures, and one that never gets old - events in the scenario may change your PC, and that will affect how you play through the adventure. Without going into details (and spoiling the adventure), in The Emerald Enchanter you will remember what you encountered. In Emirikol Was Framed! you will remember what you were when you encountered it.

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