Wednesday 6 December 2017

D.A.M.N. #2 Web Supplemental

The D.A.M.N. #2 Web Supplemental was written by Paul Wolfe, David Persinger, and Bob Brinkman. Art is by Thomas Novosel (cover), David Fisher, David Persinger, and Doug Kovacs. Beaver art is Public Domain. Cartography is by Matthew Ray and Paul Wolfe. The publisher is Mystic Bull Games.

Disclosure: I am responsible for Bob Brinkman having to write up a bunch of beavers, as I made that request in Secret Santicore.

D.A.M.N. #2 overflowed its page count. Let's look inside.

Duel at Midora Temple: Characters: Character creation, weapons, armor, and class information for Paul Wolfe's adventure in D.A.M.N. #2. Maps are included.

Nalfeshnee’s Spells: The spells for David Persinger's patron in D.A.M.N. #2.

Maps for Attack of the Frozen F├╝hrer: Exactly what it says on the tin. Maps for Julian Bernick's adventure in D.A.M.N. #2.

While the Gods’ Laugh...extra stuff!: To use with Marc Bruner’s 10th level funnel, you get a Build-Your-Own Rod of Karma, character sheet masks that hide characters abilities until revealed through game play, and the maps for ease of use or printing.

Giant Beavers of the Toronto Ruins: Bob Brinkman provides six critters that can be used in your Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics games. He does a good job of it, too!

Flammable Hospital Crowdfunding Preview: This appears to be reproduced from D.A.M.N. #2.

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  1. Daniel: Do you mind linking to the blog post for this one? There are a couple of additional files for Marc's adventure -- full character sheets, masked, as well.

    Or... I guess I can... :)


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