Tuesday 3 March 2020

Warrior Horde of the Einherjar

Warrior Horde of the Einherjar was written by James M. Spahn. Art is by Joe J. Calkins. The publisher is Barrel Rider Games.

The Warrior Horde of the Einherjar is a full patron write-up based off Norse mythology. The author writes: "The Warrior Horde of the Einherjar is not one man, but a horde of savage warriors who have earned their immortality through glorious death in battle. Though the Einherjar are many, they function with a singular will and purpose - they are united as one in their lust for battle...The Einherjar demand that those in their service show no fear in battle and that they take particular joy in the slaying of giants and giant-kin, who are their sworn enemies."

Included are invoke patron results, Spellburn tables, Patron Taint, and three unique patron spells: Slaying Song, Weregild of Wodan, and Blessing of the Bear-sark. These are all flavorful, and fitting for both the patron and the mythology.

Finally, you get four monsters: The grizzly bear, warrior of Einhenjar, Avatar of Wodan, and Valkyrie of the Einhenjar. All of these, of course, mesh well with the overall product, but the grizzly bear might see use even if there is no Norse theme in your DCC game.

This may pair well with the Norse mythos presented in Divinities and Cults Volume I and Volume II.

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