Friday 14 May 2021

Zuppie’s tavern name etc. table (Honorary)

Zuppie’s tavern name etc. table was created by Markus Marjomaa and Antti Oikarinen. The publisher is Knights in the North.

This is a tavern name generator, which uses two rolls from a d160 to name your newest watering hole. Don't own a d160? Well, neither do I, but you can use 1d16 and 1d10 to simulate a d160, or you can roll one here

(The largest die I own is a d120, although I own 10-sided dice designed to roll a d10,000. Doing this blog post made me search for a d160, and I could not find a die like this I could purchase or even look at. The article reads as though the authors might have access to such a die, though, and if anyone can send me a link to where I could purchase a d160, I would appreciate it!)

This listing is honorary because it pertains to fantasy role-playing games in general, and is not specific to Dungeon Crawl Classics, but it comes from the Knights in the North, who have created many fine articles for DCC.

It is free.

Get It Here!

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