Monday 11 October 2021

They All Burn Down Here

They All Burn Down Here is a 0-level funnel adventure by KJ O'Brien. Art is by KJ O'Brien. No publisher is listed. The OSR blog, The Lair, is credited for inspiring the Cinder Hag and Fenghors.

This is a "One-Sheet Crawl" made available in a pdf file that could be printed double-sided on a single sheet of letter-sized paper or side-by-side on a sheet of ledger paper. There is also a player handout which would require another page to print.

One of the amazing things about Dungeon Crawl Classics is the amount of fan material that exists. DCC authors - those who also publish, go on to publish, and never otherwise publish - are incredibly generous with the community.

This adventure was written to accommodate a smaller group, and would be wholly appropriate in a Shudder Mountains campaign. There is a nice use of curse totems, and encounters do a good job of being thematically tied together. The adventure is likely to be a bit linear, but for a well-written free adventure written to be printed on a single sheet of paper, that is a pretty small complaint. 

This is the first time I have not included a cover or first-page image in these listings. In this case, the first page is the adventure map, and that would be inappropriate to post. You can find a more detailed review of this adventure here

Malevolent things have started happening around the small hamlet of Hogsfoot. A fortnight ago multiple children started reporting identical nightmares about an ash-covered figure hovering over their sleeping bodies. Last night an entire herd of sheep and a prized wooly ram were found mangled and set ablaze in the Clark family's pasture. You join the local posse of concerned villagers in tracking the still-smoldering trail into the northern bogs.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the original document for They All Burn Down Here seems to have been withdrawn. If there is a legal way to download this adventure now, I do not know of it.

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