Wednesday 20 October 2021


Tinmen is a race-class written by Ville Rahkila. Art is not credited. The publisher is Knights of the North.

The tinmen are an idea familiar with anyone who has seen or read The Wizard of Oz....or even the much darker Return to Oz. It is a metal man, an automaton which doesn't suffer the pangs of flesh. In this case, it is an automaton that has the ability to repair items (including itself) and to spend money on parts to improve itself.

Tinmen is not the first (or only) product to contain variations on this theme. All are a little different, though, and using one version should not preclude using others. There is also an explicit nod to the original Tin Man (Nick Chopper) in Creeping Beauties of the Wood, so if PCs obtain his cursed axe, the judge could easily use this class to model the soon-to-be-metal PC's advancement.

It should also be noted that this race-class would easily fit into a post-Apocalyptic milieu, be it Umerica or Mutant Crawl Classics

In addition to the race-class, there is a bare-bones character sheet designed to go with it.

It was just a jumble of tubes and screws and metal plates. But the group decided to fuel it with the blood of their dead and take it with them. And thus, I had to write the following rules for the rickety race of tinmen. They are a weird bunch but should provide some tank-y power in combat and some useful utility skills for the group.

Have fun!

It's free!

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