Tuesday 30 May 2017

Kobolds Stole My Cat!

Kobolds Stole My Cat! is a 1st level adventure written by Mark Tasaka and published by Old School Adventures. Cartography is also by Mark Tasaka.

The premise of this adventure is fairly simple: An old woman offers her family jewels if the PCs will rescue her cat from kobolds.

The adventure is split into two parts.In the first part, the PCs must locate and interview the old woman, Mrs. Wynworth. Along the way they learn about Oscar, a creature living in the village's outhouses, who features as a hook in The Gong Farmer's Revenge. Exactly what Oscar is, how she got the villagers to accept her (charm spells, pheromones, parasites?), and what happens when her "people" come looking for her, could make the basis of a great higher-level adventure.

The adventure raises more questions than it answers. What exactly is Mr. Mu (the cat)? Why was he stolen? Was it just for food? Why do the Wynworths have an entrance to the kobold caverns in their basement? What does all this have to do with the lost civilization whose remnants are found in the caves?

The adventure considers three outcomes: (1) Returning with the cat, (2) Returning without the cat, and (3) Not returning at all. The outcome that the adventure does not consider is, what happens if the PCs decide taking the family jewels from the Wynworths is easier than going down those tunnels?

The free pdf is no longer available.

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