Thursday 23 June 2016

Appendix N Adventures Add-On #7

This product contains Grimic the Slaughterer by John Adams with Daniel J. Bishop, and Laro Chelle the Ring Bearer by Daniel J. Bishop. It is published by Brave Halfling. Note, again, that my name is attached to this product, and that you should bear in mind how that may color my opinion of it.

Here is something that I am confused about, though: If the last product was Add-Ons #1-5, and this is Add-On #7, what happened to Add-On #6?

Grimic the Slaughterer

This section describes the faith, followers and most common rituals of a Chaotic god of humanoids, giants, and degenerate men. Stat blocks are included for goblin shamans and head shamans.

Two sections are includes as "Add-On Extras" - Rescue the Captives  and The Shrine of Grimic. These, essentially, are examples of how the material may be used.

I may be wrong, but I believe that this product was inspired by the demon idol on the front cover of the original printing of the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons Player's Handbook. Most of the Brave Halfling materials seem to draw inspiration, directly or indirectly, from the early days of the hobby.

This can easily be used in almost any campaign.

Laro Chelle the Ring Bearer

It is said that Death is a gift to the world, but it is a gift that comes with a price.

I have found John Adams of Brave Halfling to be a stand-up guy, despite some real problems with the Appendix N Kickstarter. In part, I think, he failed to appreciate just how much work was involved. I know, also, that he suffered some personal setbacks in the last few years. Be that as it may, he did commission a number of extras to help make up for the time required to obtain all materials, and he has continued to both ship things out and respond to contact requests. He has also always paid me, in full, and on time.

Anyway, I had noted that Yves "sheriffharry" Larochelle had taken the "Ring Bearer" slot as the top backer of the Appendix N Kickstarter, and I wanted to do something that paid homage to that position. Thus, Laro Chelle the Ring Bearer was born.

When the gods gave humanoid creatures the gift of Death, it was Laro Chelle who received it. And, therefore, it is Laro Chelle alone who cannot partake of the gift. Without going into great detail, if you run this Add-On, you may wish to purchase The Age of Undying to compliment it.

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