Thursday 20 April 2017

Goodman Games Gen Con 2013 Program Book

The Goodman Games Gen Con 2013 Program Book is described on RPG Now as being written and illustrated by Goodman Games, and is published by Goodman Games as well. Apart from specific adventures, and self-reporting (bios, author notes, etc.), I didn't see any other attribution.

This was the first of the now-annual Goodman Games Program Books, compiled for the 12th anniversary of the publisher. Joseph Goodman wrote: "This Program Book is a new idea for communicating with our fans. It’s full of sneak previews, staff bios, insider info, convention coupons, and other fun tidbits. Let me know if you think we should keep it around next year."

Obviously, there was enough positive feedback to keep the Program Books coming!

As with other discussions of "mixed bag" type products, my focus here is going to be on Dungeon Crawl Classics material. Let's look inside!

Gen Con Luck Chart: Not listed in the Table of Contents. You might have gotten a freebie from the Goodman Games crew if you rolled at the Goodman Games booth. Or you might have been asked to "Provide Doug [Kovacs] with a pint of your own blood to be mixed into his paint for the next DCC RPG cover."

Bios of the Band: Harley Stroh, Doug Kovacs, Brendan LaSalle, Michael Curtis, Brad McDevitt, Stefan Poag, Peter Mullen, Dieter Zimmerman, Keith Labaw, Jon Hershberger, and Joseph Goodman get brief bios. Dungeon Crawl Classics statistics are, sadly, not provided.

Autograph Page: For autographs.

The Band: Pictures of the Band from various modules, from DCC #67 (Sailors on the Starless Sea) to DCC #79 (Frozen in Time), with small descriptions for how and why the line-up has changed.

What’s next for DCC RPG?: Goodman Games announces some upcoming releases: Intrigue at the Court of Chaos, The One Who Watches From Below, The Black Manse, The Chained Coffin, Peril on the Purple Planet, and Glipkerio's Gambit. You will note that titles may change from announcement to release. Author notes are interesting.

What’s next for Age of Cthulhu?: Starfall Over the Plateau of Leng. Don't imagine that you can't convert Age of Cthulhu to Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Of interest, on the first page of this section there is a note: "But what about the Annual? We knew you DCC RPG fans would ask. It’s out there lurking, waiting for the right time to be announced. Think 2014 — along with some other exciting hardbacks and boxed sets..."

What’s next for Systems Neutral?: Some information on the long-awaited Adventurers Almanac by Michael Curtis, GM Gems in hardcover, and The Monster Alphabet by Jobe Bittman with Michael Curtis. A sample table is included: X is for Xenotransplant.

DCC RPG adventure: The Undulating Corruption: This level 5 Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure by Michael Curtis was featured in the Goodman Games Free RPG Day 2012 release.

DCC RPG adventure: The Jeweler that Dealt in Stardust: This level 3 Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure by Harley Stroh was also featured in the Goodman Games Free RPG Day 2012 release.

World Tour Poster: I'm not really sure why this made the Table of Contents.

What’s Next for Xcrawl?: Notification that Maximum Xcrawl is (was) ready for pre-order.

Maximum Xcrawl Preview: Overview of the world of Maximum Xcrawl, and character creation rules. Maximum Xcrawl uses Pathfinder for its engine. When this came out, we were still years away from Dungeon Crawl Classics-powered Xcrawl adventures!

Maximum Xcrawl adventure: 2013 Studio City Crawl: A level 6-8 adventure, by Brendan LaSalle, using Pathfinder-based rules.

Gen Con Event Schedule and Exclusives: The listed exclusives were DCC #78: Fate’s Fell Hand (gold foil cover), DCC #78.5: Tower of the Black Pearl, the DCC RPG Official Bag of Weird Dice, Gen Con 2013 T-shirt " swag! DCC RPG buttons Xcrawl giant foam hands ...and more!"

Scenes From the Tour: Pictures from the Goodman Games World Tour featuring the Goodman Games Band.

Join the DCC RPG Road Crew!: What you got in 2013 for being a Road Crew judge.

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  1. Interestingly enough, my copy has a chunk of pages missing. 17-24/41-48. A whole leaf of pages didn't get put in when it was stapled.


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