Thursday 13 April 2017

The Gong Farmer's Almanac 2016 Vol 4

The 2016 Gongfarmer’s Almanac: Volume 4: Complete Adventures is a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Zine written, illustrated, and produced by the DCC RPG G+ community under the creative vision and direction of Doug Kovacs, Harley Stroh, Jon Hershberger, Marc Bruner, Matt Hildebrand, and Michael Jones, under the rubric of the Gongfarmer's Local #282.

This volume was written by David Coppoletti, Terry Olson, Paul Wolfe, and James V. West. Art is by Doug Kovacs, Marc Radle, Jeff Call, David Coppoletti, Claytonian JP, Benjamin Mara, Diogo Nogueira, Jürgen Mayer, Danny Prescott, and Shield of Faith Studios/Matt Jordan.

Disclosure: I am credited as an editor.

As the title implies, this volume contains three complete adventures.

The Orm Lies Down on Punjar: This is a Terry Olson adventure wherein the PCs somehow gain hold of a bottle of Purple Rhost (from Harley Stroh's Purple Planet) and have what can perhaps be described as a shared hallucinagenic trip from eating the worm contained therein....but one with real consequences and opportunities.

It should be noted that this adventure allows PCs to "gain an insight specific to some unsolved problem", and thus feeds into the Quest For It ethos of Dungeon Crawl Classics. In addition, it allows the judge to move the PCs from one location to another...even to another world.

Until the Sun Goes Down Forever: David Coppoletti offers an adventure wherein the PCs face off against the "coma cult known as the narcolepers" who "convert unbelievers by promising ultimate, unimaginable comfort in the soothing embrace of eternal drowsiness, dulling themselves against the pain and trauma of everyday life." This adventure includes a table of sleeping disorders.

Zeron Protocol: A low-level adventure by Paul Wolfe, this adventure deals with a parasite spawned from the blood of a slain demon. I could be wrong, but I believe that this is the first Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure that is actually focused on the perils of being a PC cleric, with unique disapproval effects and visions. The Chained Coffin, by Michael Curtis, may be this adventure's closest "ancestor" in this regard. Clerics are often an afterthought in role-playing game adventures, so this adventure comes as a pleasant surprise.

Finally, the volume is finished with a Character Record Sheet by James V. West (sadly without attribution to the creator).

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