Friday 2 December 2016

DCC Free RPG Day 2016

The DCC Free RPG Day 2016 offering was written by Michael Curtis and Jim Wampler. It features art by Doug Kovacs - including not one, but five separate covers. It was published by Goodman Games.

This product consists of two adventures.

The first adventure, The Madhouse Meet, is a 1st level adventure for DCC Lankhmar, written by Michael Curtis. It offers some insight into the mechanics of the upcoming DCC Lankhmar, as well as providing an entertaining adventure with a truly Nehwonian feel.

Unlike standard Dungeon Crawl Classics characters, DCC Lankhmar PCs begin their adventuring careers at 1st level. This makes The Madhouse Meet a starting adventure, in which "the band" is being assembled for the first time. It is pretty clear that Michael Curtis "gets" Fritz Leiber's world, both in terms of its tropes and its feel, and this adventure is no exception.

The second adventure, The Museum at the End of Time, is a funnel for Mutant Crawl Classics, written by Jim Wampler. This is the first published MCC adventure, and it gives a good idea what the setting will feel like. The PCs are youths from the Tribe of the Cog who seek to become adults by heading out into the Glow Desert and discovering what relics they might find from a ancient museum.

This adventure receives a fair amount of coverage on Sanctum Secorum Episode #15 - Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth.

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