Thursday 15 December 2016

Death Among the Pines

DCC #83.2 Death Among the Pines was written by Michael Curtis, and is part of the Shudder Mountain series started with The Chained Cofffin. The cover, by Doug Kovacs, is excerpted from the cover from The Chained Coffin. Interior art is by Peter Mullen and Stefan Poag. Mark Allen did the cartography. Goodman Games is the publisher.

This practice of re-using cover art to indicate that something is part of the same setting started with the supplements to Harley Stroh's Peril on the Purple Planet, and is also used in the materials supplementing Journey to the Center of Aereth. It is a good system to indicate that a new produce belongs with a particular setting, along with the module numbering and the digest-sized format.

Death Among the Pines is a 3rd level adventure, which takes place while the PCs are travelling from Point A to Point B. Although it fits perfectly into the Shudder Mountains setting, it would take very little work to make the adventure fit into most Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign milieus, which makes the adventure doubly useful. In addition to the prevalent influence of Manly Wade Wellman, which is strong throughout the Shudder Mountains material, there is a strong Robert E. Howard influence (at least, it seems so to me), particularly in reference to his Kull stories.

Welcome to pastoral Holler Hollow, a quaint hamlet deep in the Shudder Mountains. Here you’ll find friendly Shudfolk, downhome cooking, and a jug of stump whiskey if you mind your manners. But not all is what is seems in the Hollow: a restless spirit stalks the lane at midnight, terrifying the locals. Staunch-hearted heroes are needed to unearth the secrets of Holler Hollow and lay the spirit to rest. Are you up to the task?

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