Wednesday 25 April 2018

Sanctum Secorum Christmas 2015 Bonus Companion

The Sanctum Secorum Christmas 2015 Bonus Companion was written by David Baity and Bob Brinkman. Art is by Chris Ng Fhze Yang, Clipartcottage, Eric T. Asaris, nikulina-helena, and Zeeksie. The publisher is Sanctum Media. This product is produced in association with the Sanctum Secorum podcast.

Within you will find:

Magic Items

Kringle’s Rod of Holiday Wonderment: Created by David Baity, this is similar to the old wand of wonder, except with a holiday theme.


Candy Man: Created by Bob Brinkman. "Made up of bits of sweets and treacle, the creatures known as Candy Men exude sickly sweetness with their passing." Their weapons, made of candy, can be deadly!

Elemental, Snow: Another creation of Bob Brinkman, these creatures are "stacked spheres of snow and ice" with "expressionless faces made of coal and root vegetables."

Killer Dolly: Also by Bob Brinkman, this is exactly what it sounds like.

Jack Frost: Bob Brinkman provides statistics for a "demon of winter" who "is a harbinger of evil tidings to come." This is a tough customer, regardless of level, who can both do and take a surprising amount of damage.


Nick’claus: "Appearing as a hell-fueled skeleton clad in winter furs and wearing a necklace of skulls, Nick’claus is a fearsome patron indeed. Once upon a time Nick’claus may have had a different name; he may have once been a figure of mirth and cheer. If it was once that way, but it is that way no longer. Nickl’claus is a dark patron even among the more grim facets of chaos. His servants are expected to aid him in sowing discord and the bringing of death and misery."

This is a partial patron write-up, with invoke patron check results and patron taint only, brought to you by Bob Brinkman.

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