Friday 12 August 2016

Crawl! fanzine #12

Crawl! fanzine #12 (The Luck Issue) was written by Rev. Dak J. Ultimak, R.S. Tilton, and Mark Bishop. Mario Torres Jr. once again provides an excellent cover and interior art. This issue is published by Straycouches Press.

The issue contains:

High or Low?

Rev. Dak J. Ultimak offers tips for dealing with Luck Checks. Luck is one of the things that sets Dungeon Crawl Classics apart from many Old School games. People new to the game might need some basic guidance. Here it is. Note that the "Group Checks" sidebar is particularly useful.

Alternative Luck Checks

This article offers some good ideas for variations on rolling Luck Checks. It is written by Rev. Dak J. Ultimak.

Luck as a Guiding Force

Rev. Dak J. Ultimak offers templates for awarding Luck based upon the type of campaign the judge desires.

Lucky Strikes of Derring Do

This article, by R.S. Tilton, offers a system for using Luck to allow any character to attempt Mighty Deeds, A Warrior or Dwarf can burn Luck to roll a higher Deed Die. Included are two "Dastardly Deeds of Deceit" and the opportunity for non-Thieves to backstab.

More Options For Burning Luck

What it says on the tin. Author not listed.

Luck Tables

Special tables for Recovering the Body, fortune telling, mishaps, and so on. Again, the author is not listed. I suspect that some judges are going to get a fair amount of mileage out of these.

The Dungeon Balladeer

Bard songs by Mark Bishop.

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  1. I need a link to the Crawl fanzines, so you can get your tip!

    1. Thanks for thinking of me!

      I've added a link here, and will do the others when I get a chance. I won't cry if I miss a tip or two in the interim...the point was really to create a resource first. Getting tips was just a happy afterthought!


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