Friday 12 August 2016

Crawl! fanzine Special: Van den Danderclanden

Crawl! fanzine Special: Van Den Danderclanden is written by Brett Miller and Reverend Dak, and published by Straycouches Press.

It is sort of a pain to have to use multiple zines for a single patron, so Straycouches Press kindly compiled the information on Van Den Danderclanden from Crawl! fanzines #1 and #3.

One hundred years hence, in the most exalted of the parallel worlds, the great wizard Van den Danderclanden has at last attained the highest rank of his order: Supernal Archmage of Empyreal Aptitude! His sorcerous knowledge is legendary! The corruption he has suffered is profound! And yet, unsatisfied with the ceaseless praise of his legions of admirers and sycophants, the master enchanter endeavors a new enterprise. Employing the arcane arts passed down to him from Nyarlathotep itself, Van den Danderclanden reaches back through time and the multitude of parallel manifestations to contact his previous selves and their followers. He seeks to manipulate the paths of their lives in order to synchronize them to an existential resonance; the vibrations of such an alignment will serve to amplify his magical endowments and bestow upon him the mantle of godhood.

This is the first third-party patron published for the Dungeon Crawl Classics role-playing game.

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