Friday 5 August 2016

Crawl! fanzine #4

Disclaimer: I received a "special thanks" from the author, along with several others, for proofreading and/or playtesting the adventure (proofreading in my case).

Crawl! fanzine #4 is the first adventure published by Crawl!, and the first adventure in a Dungeon Crawl Classics zine. It is also the first published Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure to feature a dragon! This issue is The Tainted Forest Near Thorum, a 5th level adventure by Yves Larochelle. Crawl! is published by Straycouches Press. Additional Writing by Reverend Dak.

This is the only issue of Crawl! to date where the cover is not attached. Instead, it is removable to reveal a map of the village of Thorum and its environs.

Nothing more can really be said without spoiling the adventure. There is something going on near Thorum, and the PCs are drawn into determining exactly what that is. 

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