Friday 5 August 2016

Crawl! fanzine #3

Disclaimer: I produced some art for this issue, as well as some writing.

Crawl! fanzine #3, the Magic Issue, was written by Reverend Dak, Sean Ellis, Brent Miller, Daniel J. Bishop, Jon Wilson, and Colin Chapman. It was published by Straycouches Press. The complete patron write up for Van den Danderclanden is included free with the pdf version.

This issue contains:

NPC Magic and Spellcasting

If you read the Dungeon Crawl Classics core rulebook, you will know that NPCs do not have to be treated like PCs in the system. In this article, Reverend Dak offers a simple system for statting up those NPC spellcasters from other OSR games, and for resolving their spells.

Consider the Kobold

Sean Ellis provides a kobold based on folklore rather than the traditional Dungeons & Dragons reptilian humanoid.

Patron Spells of the Supernal Archmage

Brett Miller scribes Van den Danderclanden’s patron spells and Spellburn results table.

Magic Wand

This is my version of the 4th-levelWizard Spell, Magic Wand. This is also the article I did the illustrations for.

The Talismans of Anti-Magic

Jon Wilson’s article describes items that can adversely affect spells while they are being cast. This is an immensely cool idea that can make life difficult for your spell-slinging PCs. Alternatively, the PCs might need to seek out an anti-magic talisman to stop the machinations of a potent wizard, elf, or cleric.

Let’s Get Familiar

The core rulebook lists fourteen physical manifestations for familiars (per alignment); Colin Chapman brings this up to 20. 

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