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Purple Sorcerer Free DCC Tools

Purple Sorcerer Games is owned and operated by Jon Marr. While I don't have any direct credits for the free online tools provided by Purple Sorcerer Games, it is reasonable to assume that Jon Marr is involved with their creation as well as making them available. You can look here for a full list of patrons who backed the creation and update of these tools, by year.

The number and quality of free tools Purple Sorcerer makes available is astounding. As a judge for open gaming events, I make frequent use of the 0-Level Party and Upper Level Character Generators, and so does almost everyone I have ever played a convention game with. It is unusual indeed not to be handed a character sheet created by Purple Sorcerer Games! Likewise, The Sorcerer's Grimoire makes printing out spell sheets for elves, wizards, and clerics a breeze.

As a writer, I have made use of the Demon Generator, the Dragon Generator, and even the Unique Monster Trait Generator. These generators give you the raw material to craft a specific being to fit your adventure's needs, without having to roll dice and look up tables yourself.

The available free tools, at the time of this writing, are:

0-Level Party Generator: Whip up four 0-level characters in a flash. Options allow you to choose Occupation Source from over 30 lists, filter out non-humans, decide how stats and hit points are rolled, create tournament sheets, use one of several Lucky Sign house rules, or simply create a blank sheet to roll your own. If you need to make 200 gongfarmers for your convention games, you can do that as a single file. If you want them to be suitable for your Drongo or Beyond the Silver Scream adventure, you can do that too.

Mutant Crawl Classics 0-Level Party Generator: Similar to the 0-Level Party Generator, this allows you to create 0-level characters for your Mutant Crawl Classics games. There are fewer options for Occupation Source right now, but the Genotype Filters do allow you to specify No Pure Strain Humans, No Plantients, No Manimals, and/or No Mutants. For fun, I clicked all of the filters, and it still gives you characters - they just do not list genotype!

Upper Level Character Generator: This creates characters from levels 1 through 10 for the standard Dungeon Crawl Classics classes. Because it uses the same occupation lists as the O-Level Party Generator, it will allow you to create an opossuman cleric, for instance, although the Class information does not exist at this time to create a character leveled in the opossuman race-class.

The Crawler's Companion: This is discussed here. Recent upgrades are discussed here.

The Sorcerer's Grimoire: Generates spells for your wizard, cleric, or elf, complete with mercurial effects and patron information. This last is not limited merely to the Dungeon Crawl Classics core rulebook, but includes patrons from the first volume of Angels, Daemons, & Beings Between as well as those published in various Purple Sorcerers Games adventures.

Demon Generator: Create up to 20 demons at a time, from Type 1 to Type 6. The generator can also randomly determine Demon Type, so that if you generate more than one at a time, you can get a mixture of Demon Types.

Random example:

Dog Demon (Type 5)
Init +6; Atk Kick +12 melee; AC 24; HD 14d12; MV 50'; Act 3d20; SP Drain ability score +12; Spells (Consult Spirit, , Runic Alphabet, Fey | spell check mod: 14) +12, Spells (Consult Spirit, , Runic Alphabet, Fey | spell check mod: 14) +12Target Save 23, demon traits; SV Fort +14, Ref +12, Will +12, AL C.
Trait: Scaled
Standard Type 5 Demon Features
Communication: Speech, telepathy
Abilities: Infravision, darkness (+20 check)
Immunities: Immune to weapons of less than +4 enchantment or natural attacks from creatures of 9 HD or less; immune to fire, cold, electricity, gas, acid;
Projection: Can teleport at will to any location, as long as not bound or otherwise summoned; can project astrally and ethereally
Crit Threat Range: 16-20

Dragon Generator: From the tiniest pseudo dragon to the greatest godlike dragon, this generator can create up to 20 at a time. Again, you can randomly determine dragon size, so that you have a mixture of various types of dragons.

Random example:

Large bronze dragon
Init +16; Atk claw (x2) +17 melee (1d8); bite +17 melee (1d12); tail slap +17 melee (1d20); AC 26; HD 16d12 (105 hp); MV 60; Act attacks d20, spells ; SP see below; SV Fort +16, Ref +20, Will +16; Al N.
Breath Weapon: Type (Electricity); Save (Ref 26); Damage (As dragon’s hit points or half with save); Shape (1-4 line forks, width 5’, total length 3d6 x 10’)
Level 1 Spells: Ward Portal, Ropework, Charm Person
Level 2 Spells: Invisibility, Scare, Spider Web
Level 3 Spells: Transference, Consult Spirit, Haste
Martial Power 1: Damage reduction. The dragon’s tough hide reduces the damage of all blows against it by 1 point.
Martial Power 2: Fast reflexes. The dragon’s Ref save is increased by an additional +4.
Martial Power 3: Amphibious. The dragon can breathe water and swim effortlessly.
Unique Power 1: Spider climb (at will). The dragon can climb any surface as if it were a spider.
Unique Power 2: Light (at will). The dragon can bring full light of daylight into an area of 30’ radius. Target any spot within 100'.
Unique Power 3: Locate object (1/day). The dragon can locate an object known to itself. It receives an unerring sense of direction toward the object and the approximate distance. The range of this ability is: up to 100 miles on this plane.
Unique Power 4: Wall of fog (1/hour). The dragon can summon a wall of fog at will. The wall is up to 100’ x 20’ x 100’. Within the fog, targets suffer -4 to all attacks and move at half speed.

Mercurial Magic Generator: Add your Luck modifier, and the generator will do the rest. Up to 50 results can be rolled at a time.

Sword Magic Generator: Toggles allow you to choose the spell check result, the caster's alignment, the caster's Intelligence (up to 22!), the caster's level, and how many swords you want. Except for that last toggle, all can be set to generate random results. Up to 20 swords can be created at a time.

Random example:

+1 Dagger (Roll: 51)
Alignment: Lawful
Intelligence: 4
Communication: Simple urges
Bane: Golems (Beacon of hope; allies within 100’ engaged in battle against bane gain +2 bonus to all saving throws and morale checks)
Power: Detect certain creature type within 1d10 x 100’ (e.g., spiders, dragons, goblinoids, men, etc.)

Scroll Generator: Create up to 50 scrolls. You can select for wizard spells, cleric spells, or a random mix of types.

Random example:

Spell Type: Wizard
Scribed on the Scroll:
     Level 1: Force Manipulation
Mechanism: Spell check must be made by reader, at a +2 bonus.
Unique Trait: Signed by creator, in his own name, with the notation that, 'This scroll is the property of the creator. All others who use it shall be subject to a curse.' (Or something similar.)

Unique Monster Trait Generator: Choose un-dead or humanoid (or random) and generate up to 50 unique creatures.

Random example:

Type: Unique Undead
Description: Ashen-skinned and gray-eyed
Trait: Resistant to spells (50% chance of any spell not affecting it)

Useful Charts: Useful Charts for the 0-level DCCRPG Enthusiast is an excellent, free resource that I personally bring to all of my games. You can download it here.

Paper Minature Tips: Purple Sorcerer Games adventures all include printable paper minis. Apparently, A Gathering of the Marked has almost 100 of them. Purple Sorcerer Games has kindly made two videos available to help you get the most from this resource.

You can support Purple Sorcerer Games in offering Free Tools here, by purchasing an adventure, a T-shirt, or a direct donation through PayPal or Dwolla.

Beginning in the early days of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG beta, Purple Sorcerer Games has created free tools and helpers to make it as easy as possible for new and experienced players to get into the game. We're thrilled that so many DCC players from around the world rely on these tools, and look forward to building new utilities for years to come!

We create a number of free tools and helpers to make your Dungeon Crawl Classics experience as streamlined as possible. Tools include the 0-Level Party and Upper Level Character Generators, and the Ennie-Award winning Crawler's Companion.

Access Them Here!

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