Wednesday 28 March 2018

Races of Porphyra: Ith'n Ya'roo

Races of Porphrya: Ith’n Ya’roo was written by Daniel J. Bishop and Perry Fehr, with art by Gary Dupuis. The publisher is Purple Duck Games.

Disclosure: I am listed as an author. Effectively, I did a Dungeon Crawl Classics conversion from material created by Perry Fehr.

You are the towering scion of generations of admixture between the fierce northern yeti and the humans who dwell near their lands. Close to seven feet tall, with shaggy white hair covering all of your body save face and hands, you sport a slightly curved, serrated horn growing from each temple. Your eyes are solid blue, and glow faintly in the darkness. You are more human-like than Prophyra’s yeti, with only a wide, bestial-toothed mouth marring otherwise human features.

Dwellers in the cold northern lands of Porphyra, the Ith’n Ya’roo may be included in any Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign with a frozen region, such as the Forlorn North of Frozen in Time. Although they might look a bit like the wampas from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, they have their own distinct culture and niche in the game.

Included is information for 0-level ith'n ya'roo (including a 1d10 occupation table), and two classes: The Ya'roo Hunter and the Ya'roo Mystic. Two appendixes provide unique disapproval for ya'roo mystics and languages for ith'n ya'roo characters.

Ith'n ya'roo hunters are stalkers with great strength and considerable stealth. While they get a Deed Die (as do warriors), they take a penalty if using it to perform deeds requiring any type of finesse.

Ith'n ya'roo have a spiritual connection to bones, and this is particularly reflected in the abilities of the ya'roo mystic. Most difficult is the requirement to have a bone remnant to cast a spell on any living target: "This does not need to be a bone from the target itself, but could be from a compatriot, an ancestor, a descendent, etc. In the case of a spell like animal summoning, the bone remnant need merely be from the animal species to be summoned. The bone remnant is in addition to all other spell components, and is not consumed by the casting." They can also create arcane tattoos on other creatures.

Come listen, ya’roo, ya’roi, to my tales of the warm lands to the south… From the harsh regions of the ultimate north comes a race indifferent to cold, spurning fire’s warmth, skilled in bonecraft and bearing their own natural arms and armor- brother to the yeti, yet curious to the green lands south of the Cold Water, meet the savage Ith’n Ya’roo!  A new race for the popular Dungeon Crawl Classics tabletop roleplaying game, Races of Porphyra: Ith’n Ya’roo from Purple Duck Games, by Daniel Bishop and Perry Fehr introduces these intriguing people, and contains all you need to play a 0-level novice ith’n ya’roo, who can adventure his way to become an ith’n yaroo hunter, with his bone weapons and skills in taking down fell beasts, or an ith’n ya’roo mystic, with his shamanistic spellcasting, arcane tattoos that protect his tribal fellows, and the chants of the bones of friends and foes, drawing them on to glory!

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