Thursday 29 March 2018

Raven Crowking Presents Gary Con X Special

Raven Crowking Presents: Gary Con X Special was written by Daniel J. Bishop. Art is by Daniel J. Bishop (cover), Relapse, Justin Osbourn, and Gary M. Stolz. The publisher is Raven Crowking.

Disclosure: I am the author, cover artist, and publisher.

As the opening note says:

"It had been my intent to fill this up with new material, but I ended up moving house between February and March, which took up a considerable amount of free time."

Consequently, much of what was contained herein came from blog posts on Raven Crowking's Nest. These items are:

There are also a few bits that are not directly related to blog posts:

  • C. Main Burial Chamber on page 10 is a description from an unpublished 3rd Edition adventure I wrote for my home game, which was run at Golden City Comics (now long closed) in Toronto.
  • Ghost Ships on page 13 is from my background notes for the Lakelands campaign. Both gray phantoms and burning ships are actual types of ghost ships that people in the real world have actually claimed to see.
  • The map on page 14 is from some uncompleted adventure. I found it during the move...perhaps one day I will key the area.
  • The three pieced on page 15 are also from the Lakelands campaign. The first is from a play session write-up. The second is a room description from the Tower of Amoreth the Arcane. The last is from my campaign notes describing an area the PCs were traversing with a few NPCs.

Although this product is no longer available, most of its contents are, as indicated above.

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