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Sanctum Secorum Episode #32 Companion: Attack From Atlantis

The Sanctum Secorum Episode #32 Companion: Attack from Atlantis was written by Bob Brinkman, Jon Hook, Clifford Morton. Ari-Matti Piippo, James Pozenel, and Anton Wilsbach. Art is by Jon Hook, Holy Lof, Papapanda, Ari-Matti Piippo, Peter Siegl, and Anton Wilsbach. The publisher is Sanctum Media. This product is produced in association with the Sanctum Secorum podcast.

This Episode Companion is based on Sanctum Secorum Episode 32: Attack from Atlantis, which discussed the novel by Lester Del Rey. The featured adventure was The Sea Queen Escapes by Micheal Curtis.

Disclosure: A product I did some writing for, The Lost City of Barako, was discussed in this episode.

Within you will find:

Contest Information

Sanctum Secorum's Super Number 1 Contest!!


Ancient Hyperborean: "The hyperboreans are an ancient, antediluvian race, who ruled the world back when the earliest men were still but mewling apes. Their civilization was brought low by a dimension-spanning curse, a creeping doom from beyond the lurid veils of reality. For the hyperboreans were wizard-kings, molding reality with forgotten magics, and con-sorting with all manner of daemons, elder entities and starbeasts from the Great Nether."

In some ways, it is strange that this class was not included in the Sanctum Secorum Episode #33 Companion: The Powder of Hyperborea. Class write-up by Ari-Matti Piippo. The Sanctum Secorum's Super Number 1 Contest!! called for class entries in February, so this may simply be an early example thereof.


The Blood-Drinking Box, Part 8: Clifford Morton wraps up the tale started in Sanctum Secorum Episode #25 Companion: The Fallible Fiend. This is based of off Terry Olson's Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box.


The Sanctum Secorum's Super Number 1 Contest!! called for monster entries in January, and we see herein the fruits of that invocation.

Blood Rats: "Blood rats are hairless creatures with tough leather skin. They have large black orbs for eyes, and a circular lamprey-like mouth. Blood rats have a gland highly sought after by wizards, for it contains a secretion that is vital in the creation of the Vampirism potion..." By Jon Hook.

Bone Ghost: "Bone ghosts are created when a wizard, aspiring to become a lich in his afterlife, steals a bone from a recently-deceased individual and uses it in an arcane ritual." By Jon Hook.

Gobloid: "A gobloid is a goblin mutant created by the experiments of the twisted Baron Nahum Whitlock. By exposing ordinary goblins to the otherworldly rays of the Outre Stone while directing their transmutation and ensuring their obedience with ancient demonic rites, Whitlock hopes to create a monstrously twisted army that he can unleash on his enemies." By Anton Wilsbach.

Harringo: "A harringo is the grotesque amalgamation of an old crone, a reptile, and an ostrich." By Jon Hook.

Hydradeatya (Carnivorous Plant, Giant): "Created in the conservatory of the warlock Baron Nahum Whitlock, the hydrandeatya is a once-normal flowering plant mutated by exposure to the entropic effects of the Outre Stone into a giant carnivorous abomination." By Anton Wilsbach.

Ichthyosaur, Mutant: A creature that actually appears in the featured novel, written up by Bob Brinkman.

Korpuz, Messenger of Ahriman: "Deities often use intermediaries to communicate directly with their worshipers and priests. Only the most fervent and powerful among a deity’s clergy have any hope of interacting with their godhead. Korpuz is one of Ahriman’s messengers. He is tasked with conveying his master’s desires and answering his charges’ prayers." This is the January Contest 2nd Place winner, by James Pozenel.

Octobear: "Transmogrifier and teratologist, Xultich, bred abominations in his laboratories. One of his earliest experiments was the arctic monstrosity, the octobear. The octobear has the head of an octopus and the body of a polar bear. Octobears have the tracking abilities and raw strength of a polar bear, plus the tentacle dexterity, ink cloud defense, and camouflage abilities of an octopus." This was the January Contest 1st Place winner, by Jon Hook.

Pummel Golem: A construct, by James Pozenel, which is usually instructed to pulverize "something into a bloody paste with their massive pinions".

Sunjelly: A creature not unlike a gelatinous cube with a heat ray, by Jon Hook.

As with previous Companions, this volume can help the discerning Dungeon Crawl Classics judge determine how to stat up creatures from whatever movie or literature she likes.

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